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The Kitten
08 January 2010 @ 05:37 pm
It might be obvious but I'm going to say it anyway. It's COLD! I was forced to brave the skating rink that is my road and actually managed to survive. If I'm honest it wasn't as bad as it was last year. Even so, it can all go away now. Bye bye ice.

I may actually be a little bit in love with my therapist. The session today went well despite having to read the assessment about me - it's never good to see in print how fucked up you are. He has once again diagnosed me with Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder and he thre Generalised Amxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder into the mix too. Whee. I found out he's newly qualified (Sept 09), went to Bali to celebrate and wanted to goi to Australia this summer but can't afford it. I'm persuading him to go to China and will distract myself this week by making a potential travel plan for him since he thinks I am the expert. I will definitely try to send him to Yantai because that's real China to me.
He tols me I have a lot of judgement thoughts and how I need to start trying to challenge them using facts as evidence. E.g. "I'm stupid" - how can I be if I have a degree and am a teacher? He thinks my quirkiness is a huge positive, even after I told him about Hitler cat, who I was thinking about yesterday. I also talked about missing Gavin, my relationship with Gavin, moomins and some other more miserable things. But he made me laugh and I came out feeling quite cheerful.

I must write some lessons plans tonight so that at least in the first week of term I am up to date with myself.
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The Kitten
03 February 2009 @ 04:13 pm
The location of the weekend was revealed as Helsinki with a secret excursion to Tallinn. I had actually guessed the location the day before but I'd got it the wrong way around. I just knew it was going to be something good. Gavin does have good travel ideas!

Friday atarted well with a great breakfast and then a no nonsense trip to London Bridge, where we all managed to meet up with one another unlike last time, when we all got different trains for various reasons. There followed a train to the aiport, where we sprayed ourselves with favourite perfumes and ate cheesecake. There were no flight problems really except that the screen suddenly told us the gate was closing so we ran there only to find that they had lied about that entirely.

The weekend started with a Hot Dog Fantasy and we delighted ourselves with making up new fantasies about pretty much everything. You had to be there to understand fully.

It was -17 C in Helsinki and I was very glad about all the layers I had brought with me. My feet were especially happy in their fake fur lined boots that people wondered when I would wear at the time of purchasing. I have actually worn them quite a lot this year. Anyway, we arrived quite late and by the time we found our hotel and then had something to eat and a few beers we were all rather tired.
The next day we caught a ferry to Tallinn. The ferry was quite nice, with its shops and bars. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the smell of BO where we sat. Thommy thinks it was his smelly shoes. Who knows?! I had beer to forget about it. I also managed to finger Celine Dion. And by that I just mean I sprayed her perfume onto one of those little cards but missed and got my finger instead!

Arrival in Tallinn saw us traipsing over snow whilst keeping an eye on Maaroriij (the church we named) and still debating whether or not to buy the sweets called Truly Splashy. I so wish I had. However, I do have a Caramel Liaison chocolate that I shall picture at some point. There was wandering around the old town which is very pretty but oddly quiet with no real people to be seen! There was lots of food of course ending in a medieveal feast, which tasted as I thought it would. The toilets in that place were great and I liked all the candlelight and honey beer although I think I may have eaten donkey by accident.

We took the ferry home and then stayed up drinking and playing silly games for a few hours. Thommy turned an incredible shade of purple that worried me greatly so I forced him to take an antihistamine. There was some confusion when Liz didn't understand why I made Gavin check that he actually had some too before giving up my last one. I tried to explain that if I needed one, yes I could just go to the pharmacy but by the time I got there or found an open, I may be dead since I get the whole throat swelling, can't breathe and burning sensation...and I don't know from what so I can't avoid it. Anyway, that's all unnecessary in these chronicles.

On Sunday we tried to have a sauna but the public one was only for women that day so we thought it might be unfair to the boys. We walked around and saw some churches, it began snowing, we ate amd I tasted reindeer. I just had a tiny taste from the boys dinner. On the way back to the hotel is when I had my near death fantasy. We were merrily walking along with Thommy and Liz a little way in front of us and Gavin and I were arm in arm just chatting away. We started crossing the road and then Liz and Thommy shouted for us to watch out as there was a tram comning. Apparantly what happened next was hysterical! Gavin and I both stopped, let go of each and for a moment I just stood there wondering what to do. It never once occured to me to just go backwards. I made a dash for the other side, thinking I would just be able to squish myself against the railing while the tram went past. I soon realised that this would not be the case and so then I had a choice - over or under the railings. I chose to go over, arms and legs and bags flailing in all directions, slipping on the ice. It was a close thing and as I turned around after hauling myself over the railings, I swear I saw the tram driver laughing. Liz said she never realised I had hurdling abilities. Gavin had chosed to go under the railing and his backpack got a bit stuck - he was half under wriggling away and clawing at the ice. When it was all over we collapsed into laughter, clinging onto each other and apologising for not sparing a thought for the other one and helping but simply saving ourselves. Liz then kindly re-enacted the whole affair for us back at the hotel.

Then we went to the airport and about an hour and a half into our flight is when my tale of woe began. They announced that Gatwick was closed due to the snow so they were taking us to East Midlands airport to wait until they reopened Gatwick. So we sat there for a little bit and then it turned out that the runways weren't being opened for another two hours so they would take us there by bus. Of course, that meant waiting about an hour and a half for the bus to come. I was on the loo when the announcement came and again had a moment of painc with all my layers I was wearing. Anyway, we threw ourselves into the bus and five hours later at about 4.30am arrives at Gatwick. It was a scary journey, with stopping and a bit of slipping and not a great deal of sleeping. By that time we were all a little bit grumpy and even more so when they told us there were no buses, trains or taxis to central London. We decided on coffee and breakfast. At 5.20am I called work to tell them I was stranded and made sure I mentioned what the time was.
At about 6am there was a train running to London Bridge so we ran for it and thought that the tube was our final hurdle. How wrong we were. The train got just past Coulsdon South or whatever that place is called and stopped. We sat there for about 45 minutes. Then we went backwards to the actual station, where we sat some more. Eventually we were on the move again but only got as far as East Croydon, where everything was suspended. We stood around at the station for a while all muttering "I just don't know what to do for the best" and I think mild hysteria was setting in. After staring at the departure boards in disbelief we all felt it was best to go and find coffee. Luckily coffee could be had close to the station because as you all know I hate walking in snow and ice. (Helsinki and Tallinn were very civilised with their gritting capabilities). I had to go next door to Pret to use the loo as the one in Costa where we were was out of order. They only had a staff loo and the man said no at first. I then asked him if I could tell him my tale of woe thus far and after that he let me wee.

We really didn't know what to do at that time. I seriously thought we might have to stay in a hotel and at one point I tried to hail an ambulance - the only vehicle we had seen. There were two dogs we could have turned into huskies also.

Luckily all ended well and there was a train later on. It was quite funny as at the station they knew nothing. They said a train was coming but had no clue as to where it was going or what pltaform or time it would arrive at. But my prayer was answered and it went to Victoria from where all was smooth. 23 hours after setting off, we got home.

And there concludes my tale of fantasies and woe.

Just one more thing - Moomins are from Finland and I have a small moomin obsession!
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The Kitten
23 January 2009 @ 02:40 pm
I decided to 'work from home' today since I have no actual classes and they are making me go in tomorrow, which should be my day of not going on. Having messed my computer up, I had lost my itunes so I stayed up til 4am putting music back on. It was accident and I really didn't intend to stay up as I was very tired to begin with. I do seem to have misplaced an awful lot of my CDs though. I think I may have to get under the bed at some point and see if they are lurking under there.

It's typically grey and miserable this afternoon. I think I might pop out to the shops soon and have a little look around. It's not payday until tomorrow so I shouldn't buy anything but I will just check my bank account to see if there is a spare ten pounds there or not. Ooh - there is more than I thought there should be, which is very nice indeed. I may try to save it for my weekend away next week though. Or I may buy one or episodes of One Tree Hill to watch on my Ipod - just to keep me from getting bored on the plane journey of course!
The Kitten
28 September 2007 @ 10:22 am
I need to wee. I must wait another 25 minutes before I am allowed to do so due to covering two classes at the same time and the rule being that we are not aloowed to leave the classroom. It's a stupid rule I say. It's also freezing in here and I left my warmness upstairs in the office. The train was delayed this morning for 45 minutes or so. I've been told I am to do the ILPs for group 2, which is, of course the biggest group and that annoys me especially since I volunteered to help with Group 1 already. They are all fuckwits and I can't do anything about it since I need a permanent job. I do think though that my Mondays and Tuesdays coupled with the evening classes will kill me sooner than thought. I need sleep. I need to try to put myself in bed earlier than I do now but how can I when I have so much preparation to do every night since all my prep & planning time here is taken up by being told to do lots of other crap. I'm really quite tired and a touch stressed. There is a severe lack of resources also and I am going to have to invest in some books myself though as I am moving I need my money for that first. Arrrghghghg.
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The Kitten
28 February 2007 @ 09:53 pm
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The Kitten
15 September 2006 @ 01:55 pm
Yes, so I am back. There were several final hurdles and finding an airport hotel was the least trouble in the end. There was the getting from Hongqiao airport to Pudong - that was fun but I did find the bus eventually and then we got held up in traffic, which meant that by the time I checked in there were no asile seats left so I got stuck in the middle between a grumpy Spaniard and a young Chinese man with really bad breath. I was ready to start poking out my eyes or pulling out my arm hair one by one by hour three of the flight for something to do. I didn't manage to sleep at all on the plane and the night before I only slept about two hours. I think it was something to do with the cough sweets they gave me on the plane from Beihai to Shanghai the night before. Probably contained guarana or something equally sleepless making.
Anyway, eleven hours later I got to Franfurt, changed planes, spoke to an Indian man from Kenya, who kept inviting me to stay with him in Nairobi, got to London and then had to wait 90 minutes for my taxi to arrive, He did keep calling me though to tell me he was on the way but stuck in traffic. I got home late, chatted with Sonja and Philip. who I had forgotten had moved in (but of course he would since they are now married) and then went to bed. I woke up early and pinged, went to the psychiatrist appointment, am going back on trazodone, did grocery shopping, laundry and now I am ready for some lunch. I'm not sure how I have managed to be so productive today!

Photos later if I get time to play.
The Kitten
12 September 2006 @ 05:54 pm
Eek. My chair just squeaked and squawked and it made the lady turn around but all I wanted was to get closer to you. Did I tell you about my most interesting drink yesterday? I ordered a Peral Milk Tea and got a cold can og milky tea with jelly blobs in it. The blobs scared me a little bit since I wasn't expecting them.

There was sun today so I flung myself on the beach and it was nice but there were little crabs that kept scurrying around and then diving into little holes and I didnt really like them. I didnt go in the sea because I didnt trust the evil chinese people not to steal my things. I think i got a little bit tanneder.
The Kitten
10 September 2006 @ 06:06 pm
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The Kitten
10 September 2006 @ 05:59 pm
I am still in Beihai and did not get kidnapped by last night's man although that was the closest I came to being napped. I got rid of him by telling him I wanted to walk around and no, he didn't need to come with me. Then I escaped around the corner and waited some time before going to have a milkshake in McD's and furtively running back to the hotel so as not to bump into possible kidnapping man again.
I ventured across the road to the other hotel this afternoon, where although their room rates were far too much for me, the nice lady did tell of a foreigners' bar called Tommy's and even explained to the taxi man how to get me here. Well, i am not here but in a hotel close by and I shall be moving to this hotel tomorrow sionce i have already paid at the other one, This one is cheaper, they have a pool, its by the sea and they have free internet for me. The weather is shitty though. Clouds and some rain drops but it is meant to be sunny on Tuesday again and really all i need is one day of sunburning before i go home.
At Tommy's bar, I had lunch, saw the world's most bad tempered old swedish man yell at his chinese wife for buying the wrong thing and was invited to the English corner tonight. I will go because a)I have nothing better to do and b) there are people I can talk to there and c) i will make them teach me some chinese too. I need free lessons also. Its only fair.
I will soon return to Tommy;s bar to have beer and some lovely barbecue sticks later.
Beihai is getting nicer by the day.
The Kitten
09 September 2006 @ 05:59 pm
am now in Beihai after 9 hours on a bus. the first 6 weren't too bad. the coach was quite luxiurious as these things go. The secong bus was old and bumpy. I went to the hotel but when i got there they denied all knowledge of ever having told me the price that they did so i left and asked a nice taxi man to take me to a cheaper one. He did, and its very nice, noone speaks english and its not on the beach but it is affordable. its the seamen's international though i am the only internationalness there and there are no seamen that i have seen.
I asked a man where the internet place was and he took me here and is now sitting next to me trying to read what i have written but luckily his english is pretty bad. i do wish he would go away now though. its unnerving me.
tomorrow i will go to the beach if its less cloudy and windy than it was today and i shall come back and write more properly when i have noone sitting at the shoulder.
bye for now, my chickens